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Our Responsibilities

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for licensing and inspecting local food service operations, retail food establishments, campgrounds, public pools and spas, and local food vendors in Pickaway County.  The division also permits and inspects private water systems and residential sewage systems installed in the county.  The Environmental Health Division responds to nuisance complaints and animal bite reports. The division inspects public and private schools in the county.  The division works with the Ohio EPA to inspect semi-public sewage systems for businesses and commercial properties and administers the solid waste program for the county.

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Nuisance Abatement Program

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The Environmental Health Division is responsible for investigation of public health nuisances in Pickaway County.  By enforcing local ordinances, Ohio Revised Code, and Ohio Administrative Code, the division helps eliminate nuisances in our communities to keep our environment clean, healthy, and free of environmental hazards and pollution. To

To file a nuisance complaint with the Environmental Health Division, please submit the nuisance complaint form including the nature of the complaint, address of the complaint, and your name and address.  If you want to keep your identity anonymous, you must contact your local township, village, or municipality to file the complaint and then the complaint can be forwarded to our office for investigation.

Rabies Program (Animal Bite Investigations)

When an animal bite is reported to our office as a result of a person being bitten by an animal such as a dog, cat, or bat, the Environmental Health Division conducts an animal bite investigation to determine if the animal has or is experiencing signs of rabies.  The ultimate goal of the investigation is to detect for rabies, and if the person bitten by the animal has been exposed to rabies, then post exposure treatment for rabies is required.  If you have been bitten by an animal such as a dog or cat, or if you have been exposed or bitten by a bat, please contact our office at your earliest convenience so an investigation can be conducted promptly or submit the following form to our office: Animal Bite Report

School Environmental Health and Safety Program

We also help protect and promote safe and clean schools in Pickaway County.  Biannually, all preschools, Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, and High Schools are inspected by Environmental Health Sanitarians to identify possible health and safety hazards.   Sanitarians work with school administration and maintenance staff to help eliminate hazards in schools when identified during inspections.

Solid Waste Program

The Ohio EPA authorizes the Pickaway County Public Health to administer the Solid Waste Management Program for the county.   The Environmental Health Division permits and inspects all solid waste management facilities in the county.  The division also inspects infectious waste production sites.  The division responds to solid waste complaints such as open dumping or open burning.   Also, the division is responsible for inspection of operations that haul refuse and solid wastes to ensure the wastes are collected, transported, and disposed properly.  The goal of the program is to help protect and keep our county free of open dumping or open burning. Also, to protect our land and natural resources in the county.