Stop The Bleed®


Pickaway County Public Health is able to offer free training to groups of interested individuals in Pickaway County. People who register for the training will get:

A free one-hour training that is an important step to prepare for a mass casualty incident.

Hands-on training for teenagers and adults ages 12+ to learn how to save a life by recognizing and controlling life threatening blood loss.

History of STOP THE BLEED®

In 2012, there was an active shooter event with 20 children and adult casualties at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Following this, a local surgeon who was Chair of the Connecticut State Committee on Trauma convened a panel of experts later known as the Hartford Consensus. With the goal to improve victim survival following mass shootings and other acts of mass violence, STOP THE BLEED®, a national public awareness campaign was created and launched in October of 2015
Since the creation of the STOP THE BLEED® program, it has continued to grow with the first publicly introduced bleed control training courses in 2016. Thousands of individuals have since been trained and medical professionals to become course trainers. Contact us today at 740-477-9667 or fill out the form above to learn where you can get trained in STOP THE BLEED®