Lot Splits

The Environmental Health Division is required to complete a lot split evaluation for all new lots created in Pickaway County that are under 20 acres. The purpose of the health department’s approval of a lot split is to ensure a proposed lot has adequate acreage for onsite sewage treatment systems and private water systems when applicable in accordance with OAC 3701-29-08.

Please refer to the Pickaway County Office of Planning and Development for details concerning large lot division (5-20 acres), minor subdivisions (lot splits less than 5 acres), and for Pickaway County Subdivision Requirements. The health department approval is just one of the approvals an applicant must obtain before completing a lot split in Pickaway County. We also encourage you to contact your township zoning official for lot split requirements for your local township.

Here are the steps for getting a lot split reviewed by the health department:

  1. Soil scientist must evaluate areas for primary and replacement onsite sewage systems for each lot. Lots with existing homes and sewage systems also require an evaluation by a soil scientist of the lot to ensure there is adequate acreage for a replacement sewage system.
  2. Submit the Fillable Lot Split Application along with payment, soil reports, and site drawing to our office.
  3. Ensure the site is staked out to indicate the location of the proposed property boundaries, soil evaluation test holes, and the proposed sewage system areas.
  4. ​Once the lot is staked the health department will visit the site to ensure the lot meets requirements set forth in OAC 3701-29-08.
  5. Once the health department completes the site inspection and grants preliminary approval, the proposed lot split can be surveyed.
  6. Submit a copy of the final survey and legal descriptions to the health department for final approval.