Community Health Assessment

How Healthy is Pickaway County?

As part of meeting public health standards, all local health departments in Ohio are required to partner with their communities to assess the health of their population.  Our most recent Community Health Assessment was completed in 2023 and will be re-assessed in 2026.  In the meantime, our health district continues to update the assessment information.  But taking the temperature and vital signs of the community is not enough.  We have to DO something about our strengths (keep it up) and the weaknesses (figure out how to get better) that we find in our county in terms of health.  That is what the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is for.  This plan is co-led by OhioHealth Berger Hospital and the Pickaway County Public Health, but many community agencies and organizations are working together to put the Community Health Assessment into action.

If you have any questions regarding the Community Health Assessment or Community Health Improvement Plan, please email us at or call 740-477-9667.